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Early Morning Guided Meditation Practice with Kathy O'Rourke

The best hours to meditate are the early hours as the sun is coming up. Join us for 10-15 minutes of simple quiet stretching before sitting, opening the pranic pathways and slipping into meditation using the science of yoga. For new meditators or experienced meditators from other traditions. This is an excellent way to begin, reboot or expand your meditation practice. Come see what your day is like when you start out connected to Source!

This class is just $24 for 12 weeks when you are enrolled in another class. If this is your only Tapestry Yoga class, it is $60 for 12 weeks.

Gentle Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Kathy O'Rourke

Gentle Yoga is a beginning level yoga class that is easier than Yoga I. It is ideal for students with injuries, chronic pain, illness or exhaustion. This class will focus on breath, gentle movements, the basics of yoga and the full range of beginning level yoga poses which do not strain the wrists. Often class will end with a 20-minute Yoga Nidra restorative relaxation practice.

Intermediate Led Practice with Meg Abene Newlin

The led practice is an opportunity for teachers and intermediate students to practice alongside an instructor. This is an amazingly effective way of refining and deepening your practice as well as developing the confidence to practice at home. We use the community and our own focus to take our practice to the next level.

Nia with Gayle Nielsen

Nia is a combination of movements from the martial arts, yoga and other dance movements. It is done barefooted to music and is all about the joy of movement and having fun while getting fit. Nia builds strength, agility, flexibility, and grace in the body and mind. Done in comfortable clothing that allows easy movement and the sensation of pleasure, the Nia students are allowed to connect with the body in their own unique way.

Nia for Kids with Gayle Nielsen Nia for kids incorporates the principles of adult Nia in an exploratory and playful way. Give your kids the gift of non-critical, fun, creative movement to music. Classes may include animal-based movement, group creative movement and playful stretching. Watch your child reap the body and brain benefits of movement.

Tai Chi with Lamont McPheron

Tai Chi is movement training. This is a Yang Style short form class along with Chen style silk reeling and meditation. Learn the basics of moving in harmony with the universe and being in a space of "relaxed strength." Tai Chi teaches us how to move, breathe, stand, and sit in the most effective manner possible.

Yoga 1 with Kathy O'Rourke

Yoga I introduces the basics of yoga, including balanced breathing, increased body awareness, and foundational poses and principles. This class is for healthy people comfortable getting up and down from the floor with no major injuries. Class takes time for the basics emphasizing balanced action and increased range of motion.
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